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Designing interiors in houses and apartments, as well as in commercial and office buildings requires a sharp eye and a truly great taste. To cope with this task, one has to know basic architecture but also trusted manufacturers of various materials. Stegu is producing quality natural stone facing and wooden elements for many different spaces. Their products are recognised for their durability, versatility and appeal - they can be used both inside and outside as an eye-catching decorations for buildings.

Natural stone facing

One of the materials used to create Stegu's products is natural stone. Facing prepared with its help looks phenomenal in various interiors - both vintage and modern ones. It looks incredible when combined with a fireplace, but a simple wall covered with it is as striking. The material is imported from many places from all around the world, to grant the clients a freedom of choice. Natural stone facing is available in subdued colours - beige and grey, but also in more conspicuous ones - rusty, ivory and nearly black.


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