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Mister Echappement is an online shop, which specialises in components of car exhaust systems, including particulate filters, silencers and catalytic converters. These products are important for the safety of people using a chosen vehicle, which is why one should invest in the best parts available. The company's offer consists of elements, which were manufactured by some of the best producers in Europe. The quality components greatly increase the customer's satisfaction, so does the properly protected order and its quick delivery.

A dependable particulate filter

A particulate filter - known as DPF or FAP - is surely one of the most important products available via the online shop. Its task is to reduce the emission of soot, which can negatively impact people's health, by causing asthma attacks and in some cases even death. The exhaust gases pass through a number of rugged tubules within the filter and are stopped from being ejected into the atmosphere. Later on the gathered particles are burned. The selection presented by Mister Echappement includes elements like FAP for VW Polo, Skoda Fabia or Seat Ibiza.

Offer: FAP Polo

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