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The foam made by Topschaum is use to fill seats in such a way, so that the hard surface could be covered and would not cause any discomfort. Interestingly enough, they offer products on demand, so it is not a problem for them to produce a non-standard shape or size. They always use only the materials of the highest quality and apply modern technologies, so that the final effect could meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. A price of a particular piece of foam can be checked with the help of a calculator, available on the website of the company.

A wide range of foam types

In the offer of Topschaum, foam of various types is available. For example, you can order Viscoschaum, which has been created by NASA for astronauts. It deforms under the influence of heat and pressure, fitting a lying person's body perfectly, what provides them with a very high level of comfort. What is more, it is resistant to mites, what makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. Apart from that, B1 foam is also available and it should be applied in every place where the risk of fire is relatively high.


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