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CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.

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44-100 Gliwice
GPS co-ordinates: 50.318399,18.663642

phone number: +48 32 230 02 90
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If you or your company are looking for a place to start software outsourcing your project, located in Poland the team of IT specialists may be exactly what you are looking for. CodeConcept deals in off- and nearshoring for big corporations and smaller investors, developing ambitious technologies and solutions. Their help has been appreciated by not only customers from Europe, but also the entire world. Highly qualified employees of the company will be of assistance in whatever project you are working on currently.

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An interesting way to continue developing your project and do it on a budget is software outsourcing. Poland is a great country to locate your resources in, because of how rapidly it is growing – economy- and education-wise. This small nation supplies over 10% of IT specialists to European markets, so you can be sure your start-up is in good hands. You do not have to worry about any sort of cultural differences, because as a part of the EU and western world, the people at CodeConcept will definitely be able to understand what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

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