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Cheminée éthanol EXPO is a platform focused entirely on bio fireplaces. It has been brought to live by experts on the topic and hobbyists, who are interested in following the innovative trends and sharing what they have learnt with the readers. The designers of these products are creative and able to bring more and more interesting projects to life. With the help of this website, you will be able not only to find your dream fireplace, but also find a reliable shop with accessories used when operating it.

Bio ethanol fireplace installed onto a wall

Wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace is one of the most popular types of products sold on the market. A huge advantage of installing it is how little space it requires and how aesthetically pleasing such a solution is. A fire ignited with bio ethanol does not emit any smoke, which means there is no need for serious architectural works, like building a chimney. Moreover, using this kind of fireplace helps in protecting the environment from harmful substances. More information about this innovation can be found at

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