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Have you ever wondered how many toxic substances does your fireplace release daily? Or how many trees had to be cut so you could enjoy an atmospheric flame in the living room? is a website that is going to change the way you think and teach you all about the eco-friendly options available to you and other people. Ethanol fireplace is a solution that uses plant based, rich in sugars fuel – alcohol, that releases no toxic for humans substances during burning out. The web page is a reliable source of information and inspiration for every person interested in the topic.

Eco Fireplace

Ethanol fireplace is an option completely safe for the environment and people. There is no harmful substances released in the process – no ashes, nor soot either – the only after-product is steam. The wide assortment of designs available to customers help in creating highly personalised interiors. The partnered shop offers not only many ethanol fireplaces of various sizes and shapes, but also the supplements used to keep it clean and functioning properly. You will definitely be satisfied with the offer you find there.

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