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Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18
02-561 Warszawa
GPS co-ordinates: 52.202026,21.019183

phone number: +48 48602102158
WEB address: www.cdprintmasta.com
e-mail address: infocdprintmasta.com

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Company's specialisation

Printmasta is a company which offers professional disc printing and duplication services. DVD and CD manufacturing performed by their employees is done with great care and attention to even the smallest details. They use technologically advanced machines, which allow them to prepare even large orders in a small amount of time. Moreover, they can also offer the production of plastic and cardboard cases for the created discs to make sure each finished product looks complete and attractive to the customer.

Professional CD manufacturing

Many people who need to distribute large numbers of discs to customers or potential clients first have to take care of their production. CD manufacturing services offered by Printmasta are a convenient and quick way of preparing a number of such copies. Depending on the size of the order, the commissioner can either choose replication or duplication. The company is located in Poland, therefore its prices are really competitive and allow the clients from the United Kingdom to save up on such purchase.

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