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Building a new house or renovating an already owned one is a time-consuming and demanding process. It requires money, an experienced construction team and a great eye for details. Making sure the building is truly unique and beautiful, one has to choose all the architectural elements, including the windows. A great idea is to order them straight from the producer, for example Rota. They specialise in oval, triangular, round and half round windows, made from quality materials and using some of the most solid technologies.

Half round windows

Half round windows are frequently installed in lofts, because they look really well surrounded by the roof edges. They often become stylised to fit the older buildings but can also be seen in the modern ones. The client can choose their size and colour to make sure they suit the house nicely. There are two types of half round windows available, one used only as a source of light, but offering no ventilation - fixed and the other one, tilt, which can be opened and allow the breeze to pass through the building.


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