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Förrådsvägen 4C
181 41 Lidingö
GPS co-ordinates: 59.3573417,18.1719672

phone number: +46 0812132300
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Lybab AB is a company which offers a number of services in the Lidingö region. They can take care of snow removal, building renovations, working on new constructions and various other smaller tasks. They work with business and individual clients alike, supporting them in many ways. The company employs qualified professionals who are always fully committed to the particular project. To get information concerning the full range of services and their prices, one needs to get in touch with the customer service.


Living in Sweden means being exposed to harsh weather conditions, which require a lot of work, especially for the owners of single houses. Lybab AB takes care of snow removal in the area of Lidingö, aiding people who do not have the time to do that. They use professional equipment but also proven tools to take care of the driveways and pavements. They can also remove snow and ice collected onto the roof to avoid any future problems with its tightness and prevent any sort of leaks, which negatively impact the house's walls.

Offer: Snöröjning Lidingö

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