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45772 Marl
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Company's specialisation

JK-Machinenbau is a dependable and respected producer of bottling machines used in the beverage, food, chemicals and cosmetics industries. Their devices are adapted to suit the needs of small manufacturers, as well as bigger productions, where the process needs to be fully automatic. For such clients, the company is willing to individually plan filling lines that meet all the enumerated requirements. Such help is greatly appreciated and results in customers trusting JK-Machinenbau, their qualified professionals and impressive machines.

Filling lines

Filling lines planned with the company’s help are not only going to be affective, but also cause the minimal amount of problems. The top notch materials used to produce their machines are responsible for their high resistance to wearing down and the small number of breakdowns. This means that every factory depending on these devices will run smoothly, depending on the needs semi or fully automatically, and manufacture a chosen quantity of quality products. To make the filling line feel even more complete, it is also worth to include labelling, capping and packaging machines JK-Machinenbau offers.


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